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Quick Flite

Quick Flite

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Welcome to All Day Boarding Co, where you can embark on an exhilarating 1 Hour Quick Flite experience!


  • $200: 1 E-Foil Board (Ages 14+)
  • $375: 2 E-Foil Boards (Ages 14+) - Multi-board discount!
  • $525: 3 E-Foil Boards (Ages 14+) - Multi-board discount!


  • Experience 1 thrilling hour of E-Foiling excitement!


  • Our highly qualified instructors will provide expert guidance on safety and E-Foiling techniques, boosting your confidence and ensuring you'll be soaring above the water in no time.
  • At All Day Boarding Co, our goal is to get you E-Foiling successfully on your very first experience.

Additional Information:

  • Each board accommodates one person.
  • Get ready to unleash your inner pilot and experience the thrill of E-Foiling with All Day Boarding Co!
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